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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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YEA Boss To Be Attacked

The Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), Mr. Justin Kodua has been marked for serious attacks in the coming days.
Already, some social media platforms with political interests have started with murmurings on the YEA boss.
The motive behind this dirty plot is to make the hardworking and affable CEO to look bad in the eyes of the appointing authorities as there are all indications that Mr. Kodua would be retained at the YEA as the CEO.
He is on record to have sealed various holes that were avenues for making free cash at YEA, something that has made some officials to gang up against him.
Mr. Kodua, also on record stop advancements of funds towards unprofitable and unproductive modules under the YEA.
The current agenda is to create a bad image for him. ‘ What is making the whole scheme grand is that, forces within the YEA are in league with external forces with the common goal of damaging Mr. Kodua ‘ a source told the tnpnewsonline.com
Credible information available to tnpnewsonline.com reveals that ‘There have been several attempts previously to assassinate the character of Mr. Kodua but those plans flopped’.
‘There are indications several meetings have been held towards the grimy game and the trigger will be pressed soon’, a source told  tnpnewsonline.com news team.
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