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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Winneba Aboakyer Festival Starts Today…. This year’s Winneba Aboakyer Festival was successfully launched on 20th March 2019 at the Wendy Beach Resort in Winneba.


Speaking at the launch, the Omanhene of Effutu, Berni Ghartey VII called on residents of Winneba to be worthy Ambassadors of Aboakyer Festival.

This year’s celebration is on the theme ‘ Sustaining our rich Cultural heritage : Our youth our future ‘

Aboakyer Festival is a whole week celebration in every 1st week of May.. but this year’s celebration started from 29th April to 5th May, 2019..

* On Monday 29th of April, there was a clean up exercise in the entire township. Also there will be a Marathon from Winneba Roundabout to Adansi…

* On Tuesday 30th of April, there will be Regattas, Tag of Peace, Canoes Competition on the sea, Swimming Competition, playing of Ampe among the old women of the 2 Asafo Groups (Dentsifo and Tuafo)…

* On Wednesday 1st of May, there will be Football Gala among the two Asafo Groups..
After the game, the Tuafo youth carries their small deity to town..
NB: Tuafo Group colours are White, Blue or Green..

* On Thursday 2nd of May, the Dentsifo Group in the afternoon will carry their small deity (Basabasa) to town..
NB: Dentsifo Group colours are Red, Yellow or Black..
Remember there will be Lemon Thursday celebration too later in the day…

* On Friday 3rd of May, one of the main event of the celebration of the festival. Both of the groups will be carrying their main deities to town.

The White (Tuafo) will carry their deity called Gyemisi around 11am in the morning from Otuano to town.

The Red (Dentsifo) will also continue with theirs carriage of deity (Osikama) later in the afternoon from Penkye to town.. The celebration continues till Friday dawn for the hunt…

* On Saturday 4th of May, the main climax of the festival (The Hunt Day).. the chiefs and the visitors all gather at Durbar Ground (Zion Park) with lots of love, hugs and displays to wait for those in the bush for the hunt for their various groups.

The group who comes to the Durbar Ground with their Live Deer first wins the occasion and history tells us that if the Red (Dentsifo) wins, there will be abundance of food that year and if the White (Tuafo) wins, there will be more fish that year.
Come to Winneba for this year’s Aboakyer Festival Celebrations.

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