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Wednesday, October 20, 2021



When an applicant obtained Permit (either by statutory approval or by vertue of authomatic approval as per section 8 of LI 1630), he/she is expected to comply with section 10 of the National Building Regulation (LI 1630) in executing the said development.

The Law requires that when approval is given for development, the applicant should officially inform the District Assembly at least 48-hour notice in writing, indicating the commencement dates for the ff sections of the work :

1) Demarcation of plots and siting of the buildings
2) setting-out of foundation
3) Foundation excavations and level pegs for concreting
4) Foundation concrete
5) Trenches for drainage work, levels and gradients
6) Drainange work and testing
7) Reinforcement work in position
8) Concrete shuttering
9) Wall completed to wall-plate level
10) Roof frame before covering with roofing sheets

If applicant is able to comply with this section, the Assembly is expected to send the Building Inspector(s) or District Engineer (s) to certify each stage as indicated above, to enable work to continue.

Remember Section 10 (2) states ” No construction work shall be covered untill it has been inspected and approved by the District Planning Authority”

What do I need as a Building Permit Applicant before I can apply for Permit?

Expect the list requirements in the next publication.

Source: tnpnewsonline.com (TNP NEWS)/Engr. DAVOR WONDER (District Engineer – Akwatia)

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