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Friday, October 22, 2021
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We’re not sharing cash to party members- Central Tongu NDC


The leadership of Central Tongu Constituency in the Volta Region has stated that they are not lending money to party members.

This was contained in a statement released to tnpnewsonline.com
Read below full statement from the party.



The attention of the Executive Committee of Central Tongu NDC has been drawn to radio comments on a supposed money lending scheme that has gone on or is going on in the constituency. Some of the commentaries purport to suggest that the party is discriminatory in choosing the beneficiaries.

We want to put on record that the Central Tongu NDC has not, and/or is not engaging in any form of money lending activity. It is worthy to note, however, that any citizen of the constituency, be it a party member, can (and should, if the means exists) help members of the party or the citizenry to the best of his ability with the sole intention of ameliorating them from the current economic and social challenges imposed by the ruling NPP government. In fact many party executives have been doing these gestures in various ways at many times in current and previous circumstances, mostly via the many opportunities that abound even in the financial and credit sectors.

We also want to humbly ask the public to kindly distinguish between official activities of executives, activists and sympathisers when working for the party from their private engagements with the general public including with party members. We again asked that, wherever there has been created a sense of ambiguity in the activities of perceived party officers, clarification should be sought from the Constituency Executive Committee leadership.

We want to use this opportunity to remind Ghanaians especially citizens of Central Tongu to be very wary of the numerous attempts by our opponents, the NPP, verily knowing of their monumental failure and crass ineptitude in government, at fanning some non-existent fires so as to break our front. These they usually do to divert attention, which has mostly proved to be a failed mission.

We, in Central Tongu NDC, shall continue to demand from them (the NPP government) to fulfill their numerous promises to the people of Ghana. In this vein, we ask of the whereabouts of our $2 million for 2017 and 2018 as promised ($1 million per constituency which is in arrears for two years); our share of the factories in the One District, One Factory unplanned policy; for the release of District Assembly Common Fund which is in arrears since 2017, employment of all people who are unemployed, payment of trainee allowances for our trainee nurses and teachers, payment of salaries to our DCE which allegedly is in arrears since January 2017 ( since we do not know how is DCE surviving – has he been feeding on the Assembly’s IGF?); the true position of government (the District Assembly) on the Mafi Kumase Market project, the construction and status of the following road projects as awarded and/or began under the NDC:

Asitsuare-Sasekpe-Wute Road;
Kutime-Adaklu-Waya Road;
Kutime-Amegakofe-Avadre Road;
Yorkutikpo-Kpoviadzi-Wute Road; among others.

We also demand of the position of the District Assembly and government on reviving Kpogede Bricks and Tile Factory as well as the self help Tsakpo KG project that has stalled for a long time? We also need some updates on the Sasekpe Community Library project.

Most especially, it is trite knowledge that the NDC has brought good water to the people of Central Tongu. This water has been distributed to some of the “major” communities in the constituency. What is the District Assembly doing to achieve the overall intention of the project by extending or facilitating the extension of the “5 District Water” to the all communities in the district?

We also want to ask of the status of the Gidikpoe and Aformanorkofe CHPS compounds whose construction began under the NDC?

Indeed things are very difficult now! Nothing seens to be working. However, while reminding the people of Central Tongu and Ghanaians of the failures of the NPP government, we, as the the unltimate government-in-waiting with the proven track record, shall continue to work assiduously to come back come 2020. And while at this, let every NDC member keep a cool head in the face of every internal provocation. It is part of the course we are charting.

Let unity prevail.


Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu
CO, Central Tongu NDC

Atsu Kuadey
DCO, Central Tongu NDC

Confidence Abotsi
Chairman, Central Tongu NDC

Source: tnpnewsonline.com (TNP NEWS)/ Samuel Appah-Peniel

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