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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Videos of alleged irregularities in referendum fake -EC


The Electoral Commission (EC) has denied any wrongdoing by its officers who worked on the referenda for the newly created regions.

According to the EC, videos that went viral on social showing alleging electoral malpractice by some officials were ‘not real’.

At a media encounter on Tuesday, the  Deputy Director in charge of Operations at the EC, Samuel Tetteh, said the purported EC officer captured in a video thumb printing multiple ballots cannot be confirmed to be an official of the Commission based on the evidence available.

He said the said video has been tampered with to create a negative impression.

“After analyzing the leaked videos, we conducted the necessary investigations. Our conclusion is that the videos are not real; the videos circulated on social media crucial questions for consideration. This is informed by the following reasons: since we didn’t issue ID cards to temporary staff we engaged in the referendum. All the election officers were given official jacket at the [polling station just before the commencement of the voting and were collected immediately after the election. The commission insisted that the jackets were worn for security and identification reason. All the coordinators have confirmed that this directive was strictly adhered.”

Videos of some persons allegedly thumb printing multiple ballots papers went viral on social media, with many suggesting that the act took place during Thursday’s referendum.

Although CODEO in a statement said its 50 observers could not attest to seeing such malpractices, it asked the EC to investigate the issue.

The opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC  mounted pressure on the EC for updates on the investigation into alleged malpractices recorded during the referenda on the creation of six new regions.

Nana Addo commends EC for holding ‘free and fair referenda’

President Nana Akufo – Addo has commended the new leadership of the Electoral Commission for holding a “free, fair and transparent” referenda.

The President also commended the security agencies, the media and the Justice Brobbey Commission for their respective roles towards the success of the exercise.

“The will of the people determined the outcome of Thursday’s referenda, and I congratulate the people in the soon to be created regions of Ahafo, Bono East, North East, Oti, Savannah and Western North for the dignified, peaceful manner in which they exercised their franchise and constitutional right.

Staff who engaged in referendum malpractices won’t be spared – EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) said it would not shield any of its staff found culpable in alleged malpractices during the just ended referendum for the creation of new regions.

“The Electoral Commission will not shield any staff, permanent or temporary who is found to have violated the law,” the EC said in a statement on Friday.

The Commission said it contacted its regional officers and the security agencies to verify the authenticity or otherwise of the videos.

“As an institution that has fairness, transparency and integrity as a hallmark of its operations, we are focused on ensuring that the will of the people I upheld at all times.”

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