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Saturday, October 23, 2021



Top seven (7) Directors of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has been sacked in a kangaroo tactics by President Nana Akuffo Addo through the hospital’s board chairman, Hon. Bernard Okoe Boye.

What would have triggered advertisement of Director’s positions that are not vacant as if they are vacant, TNPNEWSONLINE.COM reveals that the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Board Chairman, Hon. Bernard Okoe Boye is under instruction from the Jubilee House to ensure that all Directors at the hospital are replaced with NPP members!

TNPNEWSONLINE.COM can confirmed that the Director’s positions has been advertised in the Daily Graphic of Friday, October 11, 2018 under the caption ‘Appointment of Directors’ as well as the Daily Guide, a Pro-NPP Newspaper even though the directors are at post.

‘First and foremost, why the Daily Guide? Daily Guide is an NPP appendage or mouthpiece so a job advert for NPP people as opposed to Ghanaian Times which is a national and non-partisan newspaper. I stand to be corrected but I thought there was a government directive sometime back that all public institutions must necessarily do business with other government or public institutions? Why the Board of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital led by the Board Chairman choose to place a job advert for senior public officers in a private newspaper instead of a government or public newspaper is anyone’s guess’ a nurse at the facility questioned.

TNPNEWSONLINE.COM investigation revealed that of all the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Director  positions advertised, five (5) are occupied by senior public servants duly appointed.

These positions are Director of Medical Affairs, Director of Administration, Director of Pharmacy, Director of Finance and Director of Human Resource.

‘Are the Directors currently and legally occupying such positions to apply for the same jobs they are already doing?’ One of the staffs at the hospital quizzed our investigation team.

TNPNEWSONLINE.COM investigation confirmed that the above five positions are being occupied by serving senior public servants duly appointed and currently at work.

Questions many health experts are asking is that are due processes being followed such that the hospital will not be saddled with potentially huge judgement debts?

TNPNEWSONLINE.COM established that the only vacant positions that are occupied by Acting Directors are the Director of Nursing and Midwifery as well as the Director of General Services.

What informed the inexperienced Board Chairman of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Hon. Bernard Okoe Boye to singularly or together with ‘some’ of the president’s appointees to instruct that all Directors position be advertised is anybody’s guess.

Shockingly, TNPNEWSONLINE.COM investigation team are in possession of working documents and Acts governing the activities of Directors of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital which clearly states that the position is a public servant one and that they are not political appointees to be removed per change in government.

Workers of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital say they are surprise by the unilateral decision taken by the Board Chairman, Hon. Bernard Okoe Boye and some non-executive members to promote industrial harmony among Board members.

‘It’s really surprising and quiet unfortunate that a government that preaches and advocates for rule of law has thrown the rule of law to the dogs and using kangaroo tactics to get legally employed public officers out of their job in order to create vacancies by force so they can fill those vacancies with party men who will then come and loot resources for them to share all for the sake of political expediency’- fumed Workers told TNPNEWSONLINE.COM

Currently, there is some uneasy calm among some management members who have threatened to pursue legal action against the Board and government and the hospital.

‘I shed tears for mother Ghana because I foresee another huge or gargantuan judgement debt looming on the horizon of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital if these illegal political actions are not nipped in the bud’ a worried worker stated.


Source: tnpnewsonline.com (TNP NEWS)/ Samuel Appah-Peniel






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