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Saturday, May 21, 2022

There Is Nothing Wrong For A Man To Allow His Woman To Show Her Butt In Public – Ben Brako


Highlife artiste Ben Brako has refuted claims that he is indecent.

This follows the release of semi-nude photos of him and his wife some months ago – something which caused a lot of controversies.

In an interview with Hitz FM, he said that he is not doing nudity and that everything he does is decent.

“I’m not doing nudity, I’m not doing pornography, I’m not doing anything like that. Everything I do is decent. Everybody has their own standards. Some people think that for a man to allow his woman to show her butt is unheard of. I don’t think so. We were born naked and especially in our tradition, we’re next to nakedness and it doesn’t mean a lot”, he said.

Touching on the issue of the pictures that were posted, he told Andy on Daybreak Hitz that people should freely do what makes them happy as long as no one gets hurt.

He said there was nothing wrong with showing a little skin and that it was something he and his wife usually do.

According to him, it was to open people up a bit and that people should be able to freely do what makes them happy as long it does not hurt anyone.

“It was to open people up a bit. People are too stiff, people are too serious, people are too tensed. Just relax and be yourself. Do what makes you be happy so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. And people are too judgmental. Live and let live”, he said.

Source: Hitz FM

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