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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

SHOCKER: General Mosquito In Big Trouble


 The general secretary of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Aseidu Nketiah appears to be in a serious trouble maintaining his position in the upcoming national conference as most delegates in the various constituencies across the country are vowing to show the exit door.

The delegates, according to the an opinion poll conducted by The National Tribute among the constituency executives who will be voting during the national conference in Accra next month, have rather fallen in love with the current Deputy General Secretary of the party, in charge of operations, Mr Koku Anyidoho who is battling for the substantive General Secretary position with his boss.

Some of the delegates who spoke to this paper during the poll on condition of anonymity said, so far the message of Mr Anyidoho, who is advocating for party first, discipline and respect for party structures is what the party in opposition needs to recapture power come 2020 elections. This, according to them is the more reason they will be settling on him as the next General Secretary.

They also wondered why Mr Kofi Potorphy, National Chairman, Mr Kofi Adams and Mr Sidii Abubakar, National Organiser And National Youth Organiser respectively, who all failed the party in the 2016 general elections have wisely refused to seek reelection but Mr Aseidu Nketiah who was part of the failure is seeking reelection.

“Why is Asiedu Nketiah the general secretary and campaign chairman of the NDC 2016 campaign seeking to remain in office after 13 long years of serving in that position and at the age of 61 and haven presided over a monumental electoral defeat of a ruling party? We don’t believe that his inordinate ambition is in the interest of the party”, some of the delegates fume.

Some of them are also accusing the Mr Nketiah popularly known as General Mosquito, of trying to turn the NDC into his own property where he can use it to bully party members who are not in his good books.

 They also accused the General Secretary of the party of causing the party to lose most of its parliamentary seats in the 2016 elections because he imposed his favourite candidates who were strangers on certain constituencies. This, they said angered most NDC members and floating voters to reject them during the polls.

They angry delegates continued that since the failed NDC general secretary has refused to learn from his bedfellows, the national chairman, national organiser and the national youth organiser to pave way for fresh energy, ideas, dynamism and integrity to be brought to bare on the fortunes of the NDC in the 2020 elections, he will be shown a red card during the national conference.

They said Mr Anyidoho represents a new fearless face of the NDC as he is poised to make use of renewed energy and confidence of the followers that will prevail in the wake of his victory as the new general secretary of the NDC for election 2020.

They said the man who served as his Director of Communications while in opposition and at the Presidency has the right qualities to bring every party member of the party on board to ensure massive victory come 2020 general elections.

The delegates also rubbished those arguing that Koku Anyidoho is against former President John Mahama stating that Mr Anyidoho has nothing against the return of Mr Mahama and that he will work to make sure he returns to the presidency as well.

“Where was general Mosquito on the night of the election in 2016 when the NPP’s campaign chairman declared their results and victory for the NPP? Where was our bold and competent General Mosquito who is supposedly a supporter of Mr Mahama?” some of them quizzed in anger.

They furthered that Mr Anyidoho, whom some loyalists of Mr Nketiah claimed is anti-Mahama was one of the few bold ones who showed on that night to tell the NDC party followers that ”We are in a comfortable lead” in an effort to comfort NDC members and to give us hope!

They noted that it is very ridiculous to re-elect a run-away general secretary who finally showed his face during the day standing by Mr Mahama in a base ball cap-turned round like the humiliating defeat was a joke to them and the party in general.

It is recalled that the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Dispatch newspaper and pollster, Ben Ephson Jnr recently stated that he won’t be surprised to see the deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho emerge winner over his “boss” Asiedu Nketiah in the upcoming NDC national conference.

Mr. Ephson believes Koku Anyidoho could cause a surprise, if he should put his campaign message well, well enough to convince delegates on how he intends to strengthen the party going into the 2020 general elections.

“If Koku does his campaign well, knowing that Asiedu Nketiah also caused the defeat of the party, Koku could win and that will be a punishment for Asiedu Nketiah”, he said.

Source: tnpnewsonline.com (TNP NEWS)/ Cletus Abaare

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