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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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The cocoa famers at Samreboi and it environs in the western region have appealed to the government to as soon as possible ensure the roads linking various farming communities are constructed .

In an interview with the tnpnewsonline. com, one of the farmers stated that, for the past two decades , major roads around the area have been a challenge to them, perhaps , majority of the country’s cocoa are coming from these poor communities whilst suffering .

He narrated ” I don’t think the government free ShS will be possible for children around these places, because during raining season these children finds it very difficult to even to go school, they have to walk long distance before getting to their schools , at times snake bite some of them ,due the nature of the roads , so how can they be enrolled into government flagship if their roads are poor”,? He quizzes.

One of the sub chiefs of the communities , Nana Dominic Nyankey added that, he has told his people not to entertain any politician during the 2020 elections.

“Our children and farmers are suffering , we won’t tolerate any politician coming 2020 elections, the MCE doesn’t respect us he doesn’t want to listen to our plea, so we will also advice ourselves”, he noted.

Meanwhile, several attempts to reach him the Municipal Chief Executive for his side of the story has proved futile.
Source: tnpnewsonline. com

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