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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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The Root Journalists Association has observed swiftly the continues harassment of media practitioners by some unlawful individuals/politicians and security men in the country.

Quite recently , some journalists working with UTV and other media houses were manhandled by the SRC President for the University of Development Studies[UDS], meanwhile , similar incident has occurred ,whilst some disrespectful and pompousness police officers assaulted journalists and photo journalists at Somanya in the Eastern region, not mentioning those done in darkness.

We deemed it a regrettable move , as to how journalists should suffer in their homes , offices,streets, as well as programs,hence, we are calling on all media houses as a matter of urgency to boycott all programs of the police services/ and other public gatherings.

“Its not the first time journalists are been manhandled by the police outside and inside the corridors of the country, including disrespectful political animals, sometimes when you go to their offices for information they refuses ,perhaps it later turns argument ,moreover, after calling several untruthful and bias press conferences these same people turn around demanding ID’s from the press and later try to prevent their entry into their premises , we believed it’s a disgrace to the police service and others, wherefore, media practitioners must be watchful and abstain from public programs ,either invited or not”, the information stated.

In the other hands, the press have every right to access and deliver information ,therefore , preventing them , beating and subjecting them to torture is against the 1992 constitution and press freedom, the only solution is to stop going to their press confabs.

We are also calling on the GJA and other mother stakeholders to hold responsible any body or institution which may one way or the other infringe upon the constitutional right of any body engaged in any means of mass communication, as mandated by law, to serve as a deterrent to others .

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