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Friday, October 22, 2021
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The Youth of Kusaug Kingdom has given the government and for that matter the Ghana Education Service to as a matter of urgency reinstate the headmaster of Garu-Tempane SHS or strike now.

They issued the warning in a statement copied to tnpnewsonline. com.
Read full statement from the concerned youth of Kusaug Kingdom.


Our attention has been drawn to a letter from Ghana Education services (GES), dated 05/10/2018 asking the headmaster of the Tempane SHS to handover all the running of the school to the regional director of education pending an investigation over political engagement with some of the school children by the NDC Deputy national organiser, Mr Joshua Hamidu Akamba.

As we welcome the decision to investigate the matter, we disagree with the move by GES to suspend Mr Ndengo Dominic Amolale from running the school as the headmaster until further notice.

We are are uncouth and sadden by GES uncircumcised decision to suspend him over something he do not have any knowledge off.

We will like to let the public know that, their decision is a deliberate attempt to tarnished the image and the good name of the headmaster and put our institution in a serious panimonia situation.

Our checks from the school reveals that the Headmaster wasn’t in the school when Mr Akamba’s convoy stops at the school premises.
The Headmaster was engaged in an important meeting with the regional GES, the day the incident occurred and was not on campus.

It is also crystal clear and undiluted fact that the school has no fence wall and the road leading to yamb’rago, Basyondae and winda is passing through the school compound, to the girls dormitory, the road is dusty and when road users are normally passing they do produce dust which is a heath hazard to our brothers and sisters in the school.

It is also clear that the School lacks facilities and students are force to pack their belongings in the verandah instead of putting them inside the dormitories. Some students are force to become day students instead of boarders.
We must applause the community for their kindness and generosity in providing shelter for some of the students for free.

It is unfortunate that, with all these and many other more challenges facing the school GES couldn’t be in a position to call on government for immediate remedy to the numerous challenges face the school and the health hazards that has been expose on the students.

We do not want to rush into conclusions but little do we know that GES is a remote controlling institution with babies analysis and must reverse their decision on Mr Ndengo.

In our reservoir wisdom GES lacks the ability to protect human rights and child education in Ghana but rather engaging in a political phantasmagoria and in a hist to draw back academic progress in our milieu, this won’t start from us.

It is sad that, political actors who believe in the law and human rights freedom couldn’t free our children from this hazardous and odouriferous circumstances but rather in rapid motion to use our own who is helping to improve education standards within us, as an escape goat.

We had had many circumstances where politicians do engage students from second cycle institutions and basic schools for political activities with the knowledge of the school authorities and none of the school authorities have ever been sanctions or ask to go home, was the laws of GES at the time as asleep?

Few questions still to ask GES on this primitive move from them:

Did the headmaster feature in the video? did any teaching or non- teaching staff appear in the videohb? did the programme take place in the assembly hall or a well organised place to create the impression that, that assembly was sanctioned by school authority?

are you aware that students on their own can not stop a moving convoy to address them? Since the school is not fence.

On what confirmed offense did GES using to suspense the Headmaster ?

After suspending him what are you investigating and for what purpose?

Was the Headmaster on campus the time the convoy stops, it is sad that Hon Joseph Dindiok Kpemka the MP of Garu Tempane who double as deputy minister of justice and the District chief executive of Tempane are still quite and supports the inaction of GES which is drawing the progress of development back in our institution, and putting workers, students and community members within the district in a chaotic panic.

It is unexpected to us that a hardworking Headmaster who put up his best in transformation the school has just been ask to go home without any tangible reason behind.
We love our kingdom, we love our children progress in education, we believe in the development of the Kusaung kingdom and we are therefore, on this statement calling on the GES to reverse their unscrupulous decision before Friday, 12/10 /2018. Or face our warrant.
We won’t sit down and allow our institutions within us to be collapse due to individual parochial interest which does not have any impact on us.
Reinstate Mr Ndengo Dominic Amolale now.




P. R. O

Source: tnpnewsonline.com(TNP NEWS)/ Samuel Appah-Peniel

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