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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Plot Against Accra, Kumasi Mayors Uncovered

A plot has been hatched by certain elements in Accra and Kumasi to make the Mayors of the country’s two biggest cities unpopular in the run-up to the December 7 elections.
The game plan is to make imposters infiltrate the taskforce of the Accra and Kumasi Metropolitan Assemblies and harass traders and later make it look as if the Mayors are not on top of their job.
The plot is likely to be rolled out in the course of this week.
In Accra, the impersonators are to terrorize traders at Rawlings Circle, Okaishie, and Makola areas.
In Kumasi, traders at Kejetia, Adum, and Pampaso have been targeted in the dirty agenda.
Per plans, the fake task force is to be ruthless against the traders so that they would, in turn, get angry with the two Mayors.
The game plan has been fashioned out that petitions should be written about the Mayors as supervising taskforce brutalities as a way of making them and by extension government unpopular.
Traders in Accra and Kumasi Business Centres are considered in elections because they have lots of dependants and have always voted based on how they are treated by authorities in their respective cities.
It is suspected the whole agenda against the Mayors were targeted at the government to make it unpopular.
More soon.

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