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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Pace Retenchment of GBC instead of Diversification, for Maintaining our Ghanaian Identity


My worry is the manner we diversify our state owned properties and the talked about of 2019 diversification plan for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

This GBC diversification has been on the drawing board for a while at least longer than 6 years.

Without playing partisan mischief, GBC is a big venture and I will recommend the government opts for pace retrenchment instead of the diversification as recommended by Breton Woods Institutions.

With pace retrenchment the state can keep the core section of GBC while becoming competitive and without partisan influence.

Be it Zoomlion or MacDan who are speculated the would be local owners and Star Times that is another speculated Chinese new owner of GBC, they can and must be made to seek ownership of only the auxiliary services of GBC and not the core services of GBC.

With all respect to the we have the men government (NPP), it seem as though they neither want to welcome views from the other side nor rely on institutional wisdom, hence they may make this whole GBC sale issue ’basaaa’ (messy) by selling to their own party members instead of seeking national interest first.

When it comes to mass communications, we dealing with the creating, changing and strengthening the culture and value systems of that community the service providers serves.

Hence, the very day we exchange GBC to another body, then that very day is the beginning of we (Ghanaians) losing our culture and value systems as a people to whoever’s money we taking.

Unfortunately the monies we will receive will go into paying wages and salaries to two months, while the new owner will have a long haul of changing our culture to abuse us as a people and keep us subservient or sub-human, as long as they own the core services of GBC.

May be few examples may assist some of us, we (Ghanaians) did not use to name our children Oshin until the late 1993 – 1996 that we were bombarded daily with the Japanese sitcom on our sole tv provider at the time GBC.

Thereafter the Mexican and South American telenovelas came onto our tv screens with other private tv stations also entering the market, and since some Kwame’s, Akwesis are now named Orlandos, Senoritas, etc etc.

In recent times (2009 onwards) our men prefer Naija clothing styles and our sisters opting to marry our Naija cousins from across the borders, all because Nollywood movies are screening thrice or more on daily bases that when grazing our tv channels we receive.

Please am not against Nollywood or the Japanese or Mexican films, instead am only calling for a stronger, diverse, higher quality and more appealing Ghanaian movies to take centre stage in maintaining and improving our culture using GBC and all other tv stations airing in the Ghanaian space.

We as a people must be deliberate to keeping the core service of GBC to deliver quality and for free local movies that will keep our cultural identity intact with the widest outreach of our demarcated frequency space at least.

If we can not use GBC to influence other cultures outside Ghana to learn our hitherto tolerant behaviour, then we have to use GBC to unlearn the new intolerant alien acquired behaviour of others.

Auxiliary services of GBC can be pace retrenched to private entities but the core services of GBC must and the emphasis on must remain strictly government of Ghana sole property.


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