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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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On the XYZ and Radiogold Closure, No Reason by the NCA can be Enough Justification


So immediately the new government took over, as part of it’s totalitarian tendencies to control everything in the Country, it caused NCA to institute an audit into the frequency acquisition and operations of Media Houses.(for whatever reasons we still don’t know)

Now the audit came up with a list of media houses operating outside the NCA requirements or needed upgrade or renewal.
Some were shut down, remember Muntie?
Others were asked to reapply for a renewal.

The matter went to Court and the ECT ruled that indeed those who were operating outside the new NCA frequency framework must apply for a renewal of their licenses.

So Radio Gold and Radiogold XYZ as well other media houses applied for a renewal in accordance with the ECT directive.

After they have applied for a renewal the NCA comes back and say no you can’t apply for a renewal of your frequency but rather apply for a new license altogether so we can vet your documents again and decide whether to grant you a new license or not.

The NCA Vindictiveness
Radiogold and RadioXYZ together employs over 150 Ghanaians, we are bemoaning constantly of unemployment and job losses, The laws are made to protect the people not to suppress them, so in application of the laws of the land we must take into consideration both the letter and the spirit of the law.

My Question is..
1.Why would the NCA want RadioXYZ and Radiogold(perceived opposition media houses) to apply for a fresh license?
When chances are that the NCA may end up giving them a new frequency(different from their already marketed frequency) or may not even grant them the license at all?

2. Why can’t the NCA assist these media houses to meet up their requirements and prevent job losses?

3. Are RadioXYZ and Radiogold the only stations across the length and breadth of this Country operating outside the new NCA frequency framework?

4. Why didn’t the NCA engage with the lawyers and Management of XYZ and Radiogold prior to this rambo style closure?

5. What is the main objective of NCA? Is it to close Media Houses down or to assist media houses meet up their requirements and be able to operate fairly?

6. Amidst the current economic difficulties, why has the average Ghanaian businessman become a target, that at the least opportunity the State Agencies won’t to close businesses down?
We all saw how crude the banking sector clean up was and how some banks were closed down when they could have been supported to survive and saved jobs!

No reasons given by the NCA in their Press Statement can be enough justification for the undue and reckless closure of these perceived opposition Media Houses, if the NCA want to assist them to operate it can…this is sheer exhibition of political Vindictiveness and we must all rise and condemn it.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director,ASEPA

All Media Houses
Source : Mensah Thompson /tnpnewsonline.com (TNP NEWS)

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