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Friday, October 22, 2021
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NABCO Beneficiaries to Stage Nationwide Demo over unpaid allowances


Leadership of the NABCO trainees nationwide has called on all members across the country to tighten it’s plans to organise demonstration to drum up support over unpaid stipends.

A statement by the leader says, there is a planned demonstration against the government for not paying them their monthly allowance per the agreement of the engagement letter signed by all trainees.

According to the leaders, the option of a demonstration to address their grievances follows many unsuccessful appeals to the NABCO CEO and governments appointees. We want he program to run smoothly with regular payment and not paying in bit. We go through a lot and can not endure.

He added that, due to improper payments, they are unable to plan. And that has brought so many challenges to them. It is unfortunate and disheartening that we have come to this conclusion.

The members say, they have no option than to hit the street coming Friday since the leader of the program has decide not to address the challenges.

Our January to date stipends have not been paid whereas all other Districts have been paid of their January, Ga-North and some districts were left out. He added.

We are by this communique calling on all members of NABCO nationwide and sympathisers to get prepared for the demonstration slated for Tuesday, 12th, April, Friday 2019. @8am meeting Point :Obra spot, circle

All Nabco Trainees Nationwide.

For further details call 0245830465

Abubakar sadic
Secretary, Unpaid Nabco trainees,nationwide.

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