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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Kwami Alorvi replies Dr Prince Hamid Armah, NaCCA Boss, on CSE


Dr Prince Hamid Armah, you have either missed the argument or are deliberately showing dishonesty.
Assuming without admitting that Mahama opened a Conference and Jacob Kor signed an agreement on CSE as you claim, and later found out the hidden agenda of the LGBT Society and shelved it, what is the big deal?

Did Mahama’s cabinet approve of any CSE as your Cabinet did?
Did the Ministry of Education, GES and Curriculum Research and Development Division ( CRDD) as it was under Mahama ( no NaCCA then), put any CSE in the Resource Packs for teachers as your NaCCA has done?
Did the Minister of Finance under Mahama put CSE in his budget presented to Parliament for which funds were allocated as your Finance Minister did under Akufo Addo?
Did CSE find any space in the syllabus of Basic Schools under Mahama from KG to JHS2 as it is in your case?
Was any teacher, or trainer of trainers trained on CSE under Mahama with invitation letter for the training workshop written by the GES Deputy Director General as done under you and Nana Addo?
Was any CSE Guidelines prepared by CRDD under Mahama as done by NaCCA under you and Akufo Addo?
Did Mahama assure the LGBT Community on Aljazeera that Homosexuality was bound to happen in Ghana as did President Akufo Addo?

Prince Armah, you and your clueless and unrepentant President should eat the humble pie as NAPO has done by accepting you misjudged the resolve of Ghanaians against this CSE and let the nation move on.
The Ghanaian Clergy, the Moslem community, CSOs, teacher unions, and the general Public will never be enthused about this dishonesty and shifting of blame.
You will be sailing against a huge storm and are likely to perish if you don’t make a genuine U-turn from this harmful CSE.

Source: tnpnewsonline.com/ Kwami Alorvi

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