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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Kwami Alorvi Peddles Lies About Education Minister

Mr. Kwami Alorvi, a former president of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has been caught in a huge controversy, following the pack of lies he churned out in his latest epistle against the Minister of Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh.
Mr. Alorvi made a number of allegations against the minister which have turned out to be nothing but falsehoods.
In his epistle that was widely circulated on various social media platforms, the retired educationist claimed that the Education Minister was intimidating teachers and other persons in the education sector.
It has turned out Mr. Alorvi, with several years of engagements, ought to have known that education ministers are not in direct contact with teachers and other staff. It is the Ghana Education Service that is in direct contact with teachers.
Strangely, the La Presec headmaster that Mr. Alorvi claimed was harassed by minister later came to work at one of the departments under the Ministry of Education.
In what appeared to be hurriedly fired salvos, Mr. Alorvi would not crosscheck most of the issues he raised.
It has turned out that at no occasion did the Minister of Education intimidate, harass and embarrass the headmistress of Wesley Girls SHS.
The Inquisitor’s checks have revealed that the Wesley Girls SHS headmistress was not present at that meeting which was at the behest of the Minister of Education.
The Inquisitor, without any fear contradiction, has it that Dr. Prempeh did not verbally or otherwise accuse any IPPD coordinator at the engagement with IPPD coordinators in Kumasi Anglican SHS as Mr. Alorvi claimed in his social media epistle.
IPPD coordinators are staff of GES and are not under the watch of the Minister of Education, and so it is simply incorrect for anyone to suggest that the minister ordered for the transfer of any IPPD coordinator.
Mr. William Kusi Yeboah, a former headmaster of Adisadel College at Cape Coast, was investigated for flouting a regulation by the GES which is the statutory state institution that supervises teachers and appropriate sanctions were applied.
In the estimation of Mr. Alorvi, any disciplinary action by the GES was an act of intimidation by the Minister of Education.
In his wildest imagination, the Minister of Education has left his ministry and the loads of work there to go and be dealing with teachers and other persons.
It is instructive to know that the Minister of Education does not have headmasters, as Mr. Alorvi claimed in his epistle but rather they are engaged and dealt with by the GES.
One thing that baffles those who read Mr. Alorvi’s epistle was his refusal to go to court with all his claims that the GES had refused to pay him some monies owed him.
Again, those who read Mr. Alorvi’s write-up are wondering why he would not sue the minister for defamation, but instead claiming that nothing will come out such legal suit.
Observers and those who read Mr. Alorvi’s epistle are of the position that he attacked the minister just to be heard, as a person of his calibre should head to court if he felt defamed.
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