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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Koforidua Regional Hospital Doctors, Nurses abandon duty over Covid-19 scare

The tnpnewsonline.com has been informed that doctors and nurses at the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua are not attending to patients during to the fear of Covid-19 pandemic.
Read below an ordeal of a patient who reported to the hospital at night yesterday voluntarily and was not attended to and asked to go home as a result of Covid-19 fear.
I don’t think that people will willingly be visiting  health facilities to report their conditions or to know their status as far as this Covid- 19 pandemic is concern if they go through what I went through at the Koforidua Central Hospital.
I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday and around 8pm, I started vomiting especially when I took in ice water.
I rushed to the Koforidua Central Hospital and guess what. There wasn’t any doctor or a nurse to talk to at the OPD so a record staff asked me to go to the triage for care.
 I entered and was asked to sit down for my vitals checked. Sitting there for more than 45 minutes later, a male nurse and a doctor asked what was wrong with me and I said it.
The doctor not altering a word took his bag and left. The nurse after some minutes, approached me again and said “triage” is an emergency unit so he will wish I go home because they had a lot emergency cases to attend to and advised I come early morning the next day so they take care of me.
Looking at how they were behaving, I had to go home unattended to and even without my vitals checked. Assuming I am a carrier of COVID – 19, what would have happened?’ He quizzed
 This morning at about 6:30, I reported at the facility. Again, no doctor or nurse at the OPD so as usual I went to the triage. For about one whole hour in the room, I wasn’t taken care of. Now, they say I should go out and wait for the OPD doctors. Yoooo.
It is past 9 O’clock and still waiting for OPD doctors who have not dreamt of coming to work. It is unfortunate. When a doctor came at 9:30 and my vitals checked, my BP was 157/92. You see, I was dying slowly. I am not a BP patient oooo.
Health workers especially, those in the public sector should not think that people just love going to the hospitals if there is nothing wrong with them oooo. With this practice how will people voluntarily report at health facilities if they are not well?

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