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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Help Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) realise a NEW BEGINNING for GHANA



Together we are strong enough to defend our democracy and build a better future.

In a country where one in two Ghanaians live in poverty, surviving on less than a hundred Ghana Cedis a month, and a massive 8.4 million Ghanaians are without work, we need total change.

Kofi Akpaloo has a vision for a better Ghana. One where a LPG government puts our people first and delivers quality services, providing all our children with the skills they need to find good jobs.

Support the LPG’s #change2020 campaign to help take our message of change across Ghana.

Every grassroots mobilization takes us one step closer to taking over government in 2020.

Help us mobilize more people for the 2020 general election when we will bring real, lasting, job creating and investment creating change to Ghana!

LPG:- More Power
LPG:- More Jobs, More Money
LPG:- More Fire ?

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