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Saturday, October 23, 2021



The Akans have an adage that says when you save a drowning man from drowning, once he is drying up his lips equally dries up…

I woke up this morning to a recent video of the President dancing to a seemingly beautiful tune at the Presidency recently when he received the heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth.

He and the Prince had exchanged partners and were cooling off probably after a busy day.
That’s not bad,Life seem to be good at the Presidency, the rather exuberant youthfulness of the President is ever becoming more and more evident.

To the average eye, the President looks more like a billionaire enjoying his pension rather than a man on the job….Life is indeed good!

But wait a minute,this is not the first of many videos that have surfaced after the President ascended the big throne amidst heavy promises and the impression of hardship…

Well the hardship hasn’t changed yet, in fact it has gotten worse and the President is hiding under the cloak of a Free SHS program and enjoying probably at an extreme level only the grandeurs that comes with the job.

But wait a minute,Y3te sika so nso 3kcm de y3n”!
Well that’s true…but Mr.President, did the money vanish when you took over because we are still hungry ooo or?
Well at least not all of us are hungry…..
,atleast the Akuffo’s are not hungry,the Otchere Darko’s neither and oh the Osafo Marfo’s aren’t either,neither are the Ofori and Amoako Atta’s.
Unfortunately Mr.President the Yussif’s,the Efo’s,the Abdulai’s the Kwame’s and the Atsu’s make up for not less than 95% of the population and they are definitely not finding it easy under your leadership.

They want to know Mr.President if you have forgotten them so soon…

When you were falling off podiums and stones were being pelted at your convoy in the hard days Mr.President, it was the Mumuni’s and Osei’s who shielded you….remember???

Well there is an ancient enecdote of a hunter who met a lion in a pit almost dying,out of pitty the hunter extended a rope to the lion to climb up on land,unfortunately after saving the lion from the pit,the starving lion said he has no choice than to use the hunter who saved him to quench his hunger,the hunter became disappointed but most importantly at himself for saving the lion from near death….
Well I am sure anybody born before the early 90’s knows the end to this anecdote….

Mr.President, your people are counting on you,your promises were inspiring and if your delivery is anywhere close Ghana would be a better place.

And oh before I sign off Mr.President the Lion ended up back in the pit…
anyway let me not speak too much parables,I rest my case Mr.President, Cheers!!!

Source: tnpnewsonline.com (TNP NEWS)/ Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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