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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Grimy Agenda Against TOR Boss Uncovered


Shenanigans are up against Mr. Isaac Osei, the hardworking managing director of the only state-owned refinery, Tema Oil Refinery (TOR),who is on a mission to turn the fortunes of the company around.

Mr. Osei, whose footprints are manifesting in the manner he is running the show, has become the target of some elements within and outside TOR, who want the status quo to remain as it is so that there would be justification to sell TOR.

The former Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom has been a thorn in the flesh of those who are backing a grimy agenda towards the privatization of the entity that has the potential of becoming a cash-cow.

Persons within TOR have resorted to the use of hirelings, especially media practitioners, for the purpose of throwing mud at Mr. Osei, who rightly has the backing of his appointing authority and the Board of Directors to run the show.

The orchestrated grubby agenda against the TOR boss comes at a time that the refinery has been revived to provide petroleum products, such as diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), for the domestic and sub-regional markets, after four years of intermittent tolling of crude oil for third parties.

Some insiders at TOR, as well as destructive outsiders have engaged some bogus think-tanks and media houses to run TOR down with blatant lies and mischievous schemes and rumours.

Sponsoring the nauseating attacks within TOR is a top management member who, The Inquisitor knows, is interested in becoming the managing director.

Amazingly, the hatchet job is not yielding any resultsbecause of Mr. Osei’s resolve to get things done, through legitimate means andstrict adherence to international best practices prevailing in the oil refinery industry.   

Through the instrumentality of Mr. Osei, TOR signed a Crude Oil Supply deal with BP Oil International, a British oil trader.

Under the deal, TOR is refining some 947,000 barrels of crude, which was secured without Letters of Credit or Government guarantee because of the confidence BP Oil International has in Mr. Osei’s management.

The BP deal comes with trading and training courses for TOR staff, as well as assisting TOR to make the best of their margins.

Under Mr. Osei’s watch, TOR has signed a number of off-takers agreements with both local and international oil marketingcompanies, including the renowned Total.

TOR has recently taken delivery of a 120-ton-per-hour boiler which is expected to augment power- generating activities of the refinery. The boiler will ensure that TOR becomes reliable in terms of its own power generation.

Again, TOR has paid some money towards replacing an old furnace which exploded three days after Mr. Osei was appointed. The move will restore TOR to its official capacity of 45,000 bpd.

In addition to that, TOR is talking to private partners whowant to build a desulfurization plant to treat the product to meet the 50PPM diesel sulphur specifications.

Furthermore, over the past one and half years, TOR, under the Board of Directors, have conducted massive turnaround maintenance of both Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) and Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracker (RFCC), both of which were some nine years overdue for maintenance.

Both the CDU and the RFCC are all currently very efficientas a result of the shutdown maintenance, which Board of Directors andManagement undertook, and production losses are now within industry standards and better than it used to be.  

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