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Saturday, October 23, 2021

GIMPA SRC Hot Over Chop-Chop


The Management of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) is raising issues bothering on how the General Assembly and the Student Representative Council (SRC) are handling their finances.

There are audible murmurings within the GIMPA management that the SRC under the leadership of Joseph Osei Mensah allegedly collected some GHC14, 000 for drinks and Khebab for students during the SRC Week but did not spend the money for the intended purpose as the students did not enjoy any freebies during the celebrations.

It has been established that when the leadership of the SRC was questioned by Students Affairs Committee, they promised to return the GHC14, 000 with interest but as at today, they had returned only GHC4, 000 to the students’ body’s accounts.

Again, the SRC leadership are also said to have collected some GHC10, 000 to pay vendors who were engaged during the SRC Week but have not been able to account for the money.

Investigations have revealed that the SRC was demanding an amount of GHC25, 000 for the purposes of settling vendors even after they had failed to account for the GHC10, 000 they collected for the same purpose.

Interestingly, there is fierce resistance from those who are to release the money to the SRC.

What is making the GIMPA management troubled is the presentation of a bill for some GHC44, 000 to procure chairs to be put under trees at GIMPA campus.

Some management members feel that the quotation for the chairs was simply outrageous and must be rejected.

There is also a serious rift between the SRC Executives and the Dean of Students over the release of funds for the allowances of the executives.So far, some GHC80, 000 has been expended on the allowances of the executives for some five month period and they are chasing the Dean of Students for more money for their allowances.

The management of GIMPA wanted the SRC to procure buses to aid students’ activities but the executives had other plans.One thing that runs through the management and students of GIMPA is the current SRC was more interested in SRC and Akwaaba Week celebrations than promoting the welfare of the students. More soon!
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