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Saturday, October 23, 2021
General News

Ghanaians Shred Adumasa Chief Over Free SHS Analysis


The chief of Adumasa, Nana Ansah Kwao IV, has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians over his weird analysis of the government’s flagship programme, the Free Senior High School (Free SHS).
According to the radio and TV personality, the government should be wary of its Free Senior High School policy, which it began to implement in September 2017, explaining that it will fuel chaos and conflict in the country.

Speaking as a guest on Kwaku Sintim Misa’s “Bo Me Nkomo” on Sapphire TV, Nana Ansah Kwao IV, who also doubles as the paramount chief of Adumasa in the Eastern Region, maintained that the policy should have been a “Free Skills Education” in order to cater for poor people too who are unable to take their wards through school due to the several school materials they are to make available at the various levels of education.

“I keep on saying that free education is what will fuel chaos and conflict in the country… It should have been ‘free skills education.’ If you say you’re poor and can’t take your ward through school, why should government use the taxpayer’s money to fund the ward to study, for example, general arts when several ‘rich’ people’s children are unable to get jobs after completing the specific arts. It would be best to fund your ward to learn specific skills or vocational skills, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, electric wiring, photography, etc., to a very high standard in order to become readily marketable upon completion,” he opined.

Various social media platforms and news portals were buzzed with strong criticism against the Adumasa chief, with some contributors saying that he was not even aware of what he was saying.
Ghanaweb, for instance, had over 350 persons commenting on the story.
One thing running through the discourses is the fact that Ghanaians have come to appreciate the Free SHS and will not allow anyone to run the programme down.

What was shocking in Nana Ansah Kwao’s position is the fact that he seemingly did not know that there is a programme for technical and vocational education which is akin to the Free SHS programme.
Most of the social media users took their time to educate Nana Ansah Kwao on current happenings on Ghana’s education front, as he appeared to be uninformed in his submission on that television show.

The Free SHS has attracted thousands of students to the extent that government, through the Ghana Education Service, has designed ways of avoiding overcrowding in schools.
The first years have been divided in ‘Gold’ and ‘Green’ tracks, and the teething problem of overcrowding that popped up during the introduction of the programme has been solved.

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