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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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GES Under Threat

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has been marked for destabilization for political reasons.
Certain elements for political reasons have planned to use teacher unions and unemployed teacher trainees to terrorize the GES.
The demonstration by some trained teachers who were yet to be posted to start working, staged at the premises of the GES in Accra a few days ago, was to test the grounds for future unprovoked attacks on the country’s education supervisory outfit.
The lead character in the agenda is a former president of one of the teacher unions in Ghana (name withheld).
He has been coordinating the assault on the GES and some personalities playing the front role in the scheme of affairs.
It has been established that the January 13, 2020 demonstration was staged at the behest of those in charge of the agenda to destabilize the GES.
It has been revealed that some of the persons that took part in that demonstration were not teachers at all, but hirelings engaged for that purpose.
That demonstration was staged by teachers who graduated from 2016, 2017 and 2018 after training in various teacher training institutions throughout the country.
They had earlier picketed at the same venue on January 10, this year.
The teachers and their coordinators for the disturbances were emboldened after the picketing and decided to have a full blown demonstration without permit.
The protestors had lied that they were invited by the GES, according to the police that arrested some of the protestors.
The GES Director-General, Professor Kwasi Opoku Amankwa, for instance, has been earmarked for serious character assassination.
Various social media platforms have been established for the purposes of running the GES boss down.
It was through such platforms that the disgruntled teachers were mobilized for the demonstration that led to the arrest of them for perpetrating an illegal act.
The GES had earlier explained that some of the teachers would be employed while the others wait for clearance to be secured from the Ministry of Finance in order to be employed.
However, because of the planned mischief against the GES, the teachers behaved as if there was no communication to tell them of the arrangements.
There are indications that another illegitimate demonstration is in the offing to make things to look as if the GES was antagonizing the teachers that it was to employ.

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