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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Free SHS: Talk about the negatives and get demoted- GES


The Ghana Education Service has warned all heads of Public Secondary Schools to keep mute about the challenges facing their school or risk being demoted.
To this end, Dave Dave, a concerned journalist wants to know:

Who speaks for the poor? And who will tell the President the truth about some of the harsh realities arising out of the otherwise laudable free SHS policy.

It appears some people don’t want the Prez to hear the truth and they hv succeeded gagging the Heads with threats of demotion so nobody is talking.

One would have thought that the policy was intended to be pro-poor but it has rather turned out to be anti-poor for majority of disadvantaged children.

Students with poor background from village schools who couldn’t pass the BECE well hardly get placement in their chosen schools.

They are given a good opportunity to select vacant schools for self-placement.

Strangely, all such students were declared Day irrespective of distance. Some decide not to report at all. Some take 2 or 3 vehicles before coming to school.

Some have rented rooms (under no adult control) while some walk long distances daily before going to school.

These Day students spend more than it would hv cost them to be in a fee paying boarding school under the old system.

Interestingly, even those who want to pay for boarding are not allowed to do so and nobody speaks for these disadvantaged children.

Rather, the children from rich homes who attended the best private schools and passed the BECE with distinction are placed in the best grade A schools and offered boarding.

In fact, something is wrong.
Source: tnpnewsonline. com (TNP NEWS)/ Dave Dave

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