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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Dr Omane Boamah, Ato Forson, Okudzeto Ablakwa cited for creating confusion in AAK


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The Concerned Youth Democrats Of AAK NDC write

To His Excellency, the Former President JM and the Headship of NDC

We are here to register our dissatisfactions in the manner in which the leadership in the constituency is handling the aspirants and also the affairs of the party in the constituency which doesn’t augur well for the well being of our party. Most of us are aware that it is the same behaviour which sent our party into opposition and which it seems the leadership has never learnt a lesson from.

It is, of course, never wrong for a party chairman to support an aspirant of his choice if only he doesn’t do it to create dislike, unpleasant feelings, discord among the members or delegates. But what happens if the chairman comes out openly to support one particular aspirant and also to impose such candidate on them to vote for? The honourable delegates are right as they have not expressed their feelings in reaction to the unpleasant action demonstrated by the chairman due to their respect for leadership and also to avoid themselves from being seen as rebellious.

However, we want to assure the chairman and everyone of us that although the delegates’ hearts may be bleeding by the importunate actions of the chairman and, yes, the unhappy delegates may not be able to talk and voice out their displeasure, their votes will talk for them openly to compensate for the hurts being caused them by denying them voice and also imposing wrong aspirants on them.

Our major concern is the initiative accepted to be undertaken by some former appointees of former President Mahama in the persons of Hon.Ato Forson, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Dr.Omane Boamah (former Communication Minister) by his former deputy Felix Ofosu Kwakye who came down all the way to campaign in AAK on Saturday, 17th of August 2019 at Moree and Abura Dunkwa in support of Felix Ofosu Kwakye using the name of the incoming president, his excellency John Mahama in an attempt to score points for Hon. Felix. According to them, the incoming President John Dramani Mahama had sent them to the constituency to encourage AAK NDC delegates to vote for Felix Ofosu Kwakye in the coming parliamentary primaries, which failure to comply to such demand, will also result in the incoming President Mahama’s refusal to work with any of the remaining seven aspirants if any of them should win the 2020 general parliamentary election. This attitude of the former appointees, without knowing to them, is likely to throw our constituency into a state of confusion which will not only create dislike for JM and the leadership but will affect hugely any aspirant who will win the primary election.

Our words above should make it clear and discernible to every discerning minds of the reason why we should not allow and also not to entertain every bit of move taken by the above mentioned names.
All the delegates including the headship should come out to refute every demands associated with JM and any unhealthy action taken by the above mentioned executives to create congenial atmosphere for the party to unite and move forward towards 2020 victory.

Honourable Felix Ofosu Kwakue has every legitimate right to campaign with anybody he wants provided the Constitution of our party and directives given by the Secretariat and the headship accepts it.

However, It’s also our right to stress our disapproval, frustrations towards such unhealthy attitude that has been demonstrated by the above mentioned personalities.
Honourable Felix Ofosu Kwakye should have been informed by intuition that the impact of such move would be less since the delegates know better and have known better through experience and time.

To a discerning mind, Ofosu Kwakye has clearly demonstrated that he might have done something wrong somewhere and that his conscience is now haunting him for what he might have done. It takes only higher level of discipline and quality, especially humility, to accept this truth. He should sit down, do his home work well and the delegates will speak for him as they are doing for one particular aspirant whose picture pops up in our minds even if we don’t mention the name.
This is not about time to ask for logistics, evidence, facts or proof to support whatever anyone is saying. It’s too late. Felix should have known “what” was good to be done when he had the opportunity to speak for the people.

We would use this chance to advise Felix that victory is achieved by (1)good work (2) by good people and with (3) those who have felt the good work of the good people. Good people sell themselves by their good works. We don’t need to force people to accept good people.
Before we forget, let’s all ask ourselves these questions:
Is someone practising the ‘prune, uproot, and burn even the good alternative’ system of politics in our constituency which nearly discouraged the best candidate among the candidates?
Is someone practising “ win at all cost” type of politics even when the preferred candidate is not preferable?
Why should my honourable former appointees themselves come down all the way to the constituency with the aim to impose Felix on the delegates in the constituency?
Why would Hon. Ofosu Kwakye not honour to attend a meeting in the constituency but would lead a group of former appointees to come and talk to the people to vote for him? Does he really respect our honourable Members in the constituency to deserve that favour from the members whom he once despised?
Each of what Felix is doing in the constituency has hinted that Felix Ofosu Kwakye is on the urge of doing everything possible to, if not rigging the election, cause confusion and chaos to take advantage of the situation at the election grounds which we wish to draw the attention of the headship to.

We wish to warn Felix and any Member or aspirant who has plans to use dubious means to fight any winning aspirant out into losing.

Also we wish to inform the honourable former ministers that their era has passed. The times of old is gone. New day is born. The youths are now enlightened.

All said and done, we wish to inform the NDC headship that all is not well in our constituency AAK even if the primaries should end well. They should not forget our prime aim: to come to power in 2020. Our opponents are watching. Therefore, they should encourage the leadership in the constituency to sit up and help things done well in the constituency else our opponent will take advantage of us again!

Long live Ghana
Long live NDC
Long live AAK

Alexander Amissah
AAK-Branch Executive




Source: tnpnewsonline.com

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