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Saturday, May 21, 2022


The rapid rise of covid-19 cases  is very alarming, jumping to 636 afflicted.
Globally we all note in alarm the daily increases of infected people and the number of deaths. The myth of black immunity is shattered with the disproportionate number of blacks and persons of colour either infected or dead from Covid 19. Further the myth that the virus cannot exist in higher temperatures is shattered with increasing numbers in the middle east higher temperatures.
Thus for curious observers of the destructive path of COVID 19, the Ghana perspective is worrying.
Several videos have emerged lately documenting the large crowds, chaos and mingling of large groups of persons in both Accra and kumasi lockdown cities.  The business of food sharing to the vernurable groups in the cities,  its strategic planning, management and execution, resulting in these large crowds gathering unchecked, intermingling and in some cases struggling and fighting for these supposed hot cooked meals, leaves much to be desired.
The Government and its institutions cannot convince anyone that given the vast amount of resources they have access to, the large number of ministers etc, with undoubted brain power,  this is the best result of their combined intellectual, analytical and managerial skills at thinking though this serious  pandemic crisis.
What is a clear nobrainer result from the ensuring food sharing crisis will be massive explosion of the numbers of Covid 19 transmissions and infections. People in the next 30 to 60 days will begin to die in the streets in Accra, kumasi and elsewhere. There will be no places to bury the dead fast enough. The cases study of Italy and some south American countries clearly show the eminent dangers.
It is imperative that Government find a far better way to share Covid 19 interventions than large crowds congregating at one location. This is against all Government prescribed layed down rules on how to beat the pandemic. Indeed this colossal failure in enforcement of it’s own guidelines is a clear and present threat to all Ghanaians immaterial to social standing, wealth, tribe etc.
Should Government wish to persists in this type and style of alleviation then it is imperative it consult widely and extensively on the best method to implement the intervention. Perhaps a house to house distribution strategy in a rigid enforced locked down may be considered. Perhaps an alternative intervention as simply as electronically registering the vulnerable, collating personal data, momo account, location details  etc. Based on this data to effect direct fund transfer of say GhC5 or GHC10 per day. It is reported that an amount of GHC2 million is spend daily of this exercise. Some 400,000 venerable might perhaps be reached via this daily direct funds transfer. Achieving better mileage.
Immaterial to the alternative choice of government to implement the social intervention programme the amassing of people devoid of any social distancing rule must stop immediately.
Given what is already ongoing in the slums of accra and kumasi and the predictable explosion of cases, we can all predict that the battle of containment is already lost.
Given that we know not how far the pandemic will last, 3 months or longer, and the potential exploding numbers, I suggest the Government
1. Scale back on direct feeding
2. Seek international help
3. Conserve funds to setup hospitalisation facilities across the regions
4. Call up all health professionals under umbrella of emergency
5. Setup dead persons holding centres and designate new burial grounds
6. A total lockdown of the country except for food harvesting, transportation and distribution via designated managed markets etc.
The existential risk we all face as Ghanaians is too large to be left to a few political players only. We must all put out our best foot forward to harvest ideas at containing Covid 19. I have done my bit. Please do your “byte”.
Source: tnpnewsonline.com/ Leslie Mensah TAMAKLOE

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