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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Confusion over transfer grants allowance: GES VRS KWAMI ALORVI

The former president of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Mr. Kwami Alorvi, has been caught in a web of lies on issues relating to transfer grants allowance paid to teachers.
Mr. Alorvi, in an article, had claimed that the Ghana Education Service (GES) had compelled teachers who qualify and apply for transfers to sign an undertaking to forgo their transfer grants as a prerequisite for approval to go on transfer.
It is emerging that the GES is/has not engaged in any such acts as claimed by Mr. Alorvi.
The former NAGRAT president could not substantiate the allegation he made against the GES with any documentary proof.
The payment of transfer grants is part of the Collective Agreement for Teaching Staff within the GES and could not be compromised, as Mr. Alorvi wants the world to believe.
Section 15.10 of the Collective Agreement was explicit on transfer grants and states inter alia ‘’A Transfer Grant of three (3) Months Basic Salary shall be paid to each member on approved transfer. An employee shall be paid a transfer grant at the approved rate where the transfer is the instance of Management, provided it is not on disciplinary grounds and the transfer results in the change of station as well as movement of household effects.’’
Section 15.11 talks of rent advance for teachers and states that ‘’an advance not exceeding the employees Basic Annual Salary may be granted to an employee for the purposes of solving an accommodation problem.’’
It is instructive to know that the GES has never gone against the payment of Transfer Grants as Mr. Alorvi wants to portray.
Section 10.2 of the Collective Agreement says that where the employer has no funds to pay for transfer grants, GES may desist from transferring teachers.
However, the GES has never desisted from transferring teachers because there are funds to pay transfer grants.

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