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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Breaking News: Dr Kwabena Donkor Confirms his VEEP Offer to partner JM


Dr Kwabena Donkor has finally confirmed his intentions and lacing his boots for the Vice Presidential position of this country come 2021 as he partners Former President John Dramani Mahama.

He declared his intentions on a social media platform when a direct question was thrown to him by one Ashinto to come clear.

Several endorsement by one Patoo have been flooding the platform lately which compelled Ashinto to call on the former Power Minister who willingly resigned after not able to deliver on his “dumsor” ending promise to clear the waves
Below is the conversation:

Ashinto: @⁨Dr Kwabena Donkor⁩ are you ready to serve this nation as vice president of this country come 2021 please?

Dr Kwabena Donkor: I have served this country in a number of capacities since 1982.
I would whatever the Party asks me to do.
And should the Party not give me any assignment, I would find something to do for the Party.

He,however, hesitated to conclude by urging all to concentrate on immediate activities to aid the party win power smoothly come 2020

“But please first things first. I think we should concentrate on getting a flagbearer first and then our parliamentary candidates.

*There should be our focus. Whoever should assist our flagbearer is not an issue for now.
And there is real work ahead for the victory of the NDC. We need a solid research team to zero in unto every constituency.If we can isolate constituency specific concerns and address them, we would take the NPP by surprise”

By Ashinto-tnpnewsonline.com

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