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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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BOST Boss Targeted For Blocking ‘Stealing’ Avenues


The Managing Director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) has been targeted for character assassination because he has blocked all avenues of making chop-chop within the strategic state institution.

Some workers in cohorts with people with business interest at BOST and are engaged in dubious ways have resorted to peddling falsehoods against the hardworking MD, Mr. George Mensah Okley.

BOST over the years have been paying huge sums of judgment debts to oil companies because of theft of their products stored in tanks in depots belonging to BOST.

Some oil companies connive with officials of BOST to make claims of lost products just to dupe the company.

However, under the eagle eyes of Mr. Okley with backing from the Board of Directors, the stealing avenues have been closed.’
Certain staffs of the company who feel it was their divine rights to make illegitimate cash are upset with the stringent measures put in place to check their thieving activities.

Even though workers unions at all levels within BOST have declared their unflinching support for the MD for his proactive measures to move forward, the detractors are still pursuing their dirty machinations.

The ‘thieves’ with their business people collaborators have resorted to the writing of anonymous petitions about Mr. Okley to appointing authorities.

In addition to that, media hirelings have been roped into the grubby agenda and are out there churning out falsehood about Mr. Okley.

What is interesting is the fact that the detractors of Okley have failed to the ears of the appointing authorities who are aware of the BOST MD’s impeccable working record.

Mr. Okley who is widely seen as gentle but decisive, according to some top management members is a unifier ready to work with committed team so lazy and uncommitted staff would continue to have issues with him.

BOST staff back MD; condemn ‘internal saboteurs’
The leadership of the staff union at the Bulk Oil Storage and Distribution (BOST) has condemned a statement circulating on social media against the Managing Director, Mr. George Mensah Okley.

According to the staff, the statement is only trying to drag the reputation of the company and the Managing Director into disrepute.

The union says the faceless persons behind the statement are only peddling falsehood to satisfy their parochial political interests.

“We, the unionised staff of BOST categorically distance ourselves from the obvious political orchestrated petitions and statements and also urge Ghanaians to equally treat same with the contempt it deserves”, the staff union said in a statement.

The accusations

Producers of the anonymous statement who ostensibly accuse the BOST Managing Director of tolerating workers who are aligned to other political parties.

They also accuse him of not having a clear direction for the company and also promoting people outside the company’s pay structure amongst others.

Union executives’ position

The Senior Staff and Local Unions of BOST, however, have described these allegations as unfounded.

They rather praised the Managing Director for co-existing peacefully with workers based on merit and not political affiliation and insisted that it is a trait to be admired and not criticized.

“We believe his achievement deserve mention rather than this desperate attempt by these faceless individuals to tarnish his image,” the BOST staff said in the statement.

They are convinced anti-Okley attacks are coming from a group of “selfish workers with political agenda.

The accusers, they say, are trying to have their way by tarnishing the image of the company’s Managing Director.

BOST initiatives and achievements

Since his assumption as the Managing Director, George Mensah Okley, is said to have strengthened the relationship between the Bulk Distributing Companies (BDCs) and BOST.

This has brought further business to the company thereby giving the company a competitive edge over its competitors.

“A typical example is the execution of throughput agreements with almost all BDCs and the collection rate of throughput fees has increased from 43 percent to 96 percent,” the staff said in a statement.

Strategically, BOST is currently negotiating the purchase of a Depot in the Western region with a Ghanaian bank to free some private interests and to have some presence in that part of the country.

The acquisition of the VRA depot as a foundation to the petroleum plans in the western region, “it spells out.

BOST is also planning on building an LPG network to support the delivery of the government’s cylinder recirculation model.

The success of the restructuring of the company’s debts with the Ministry of Finance is expected to enable this take off soon.
The group continues that the Managing Director has successfully renegotiated and is at the stage of shipping into the country pipelines to refurbish the existing degraded pipeline between Accra plains depot and the transit depot in Akosombo.

The contract has been awarded and the project will start within the next couple of weeks. This is a milestone in the history of the company because these pipelines were locked up in Houston, USA for the past ten years and no previous BOST MD was able to do what he has done within his short stay in office.

According to union executives, these are important things that must be projected to paint a better image of the company to attract more investments.

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