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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Following the scuffle that happened at yesterday’s VGMAs between the two Dance hall Artists with the most “millitant” supporters in Ghana, it is important that the attention of the Ghana Police Service is drawn to their continious failure to enforce the Public Order Act and for that matter they cannot be fully absolved of any blame.

The Public Order Act makes it clear the processes and procedures that one has to go through to put a certain number of people on the street for whatever purposes.
But what do we see?

We see these Artists abuse this law with impunity by putting their millitant supporters on the streets all the time without any Police Protection or Crowd Control Mechanism (thereby pushing road users off the streets) and endangering the lives of several others whiles the Police looks on helplessly.

These Musicians have also resorted to the use of convoys and sirens which creates noise pollution as well as endangering the lives of motorists without recourse to the Road Traffic Regulations in the Country, which is also a serious voilation of our laws because in the list of convoy and siren users there is no where in that provision that Musicians are mentioned.

We believe that these militant groups have been emboldened and are able to cause such degree of public mayhem because the Police have overtime failed to enforce the Public Order Act against these Musicians and their Supporters.

In the United States and other jurisdictions, Rappers, Footballers with huge following are constantly arrested and prosecuted for breaking basic road traffic offenses but here in Ghana Musicians and other Public figures break a whole Public Order Act and nobody says anything to them.

Based on the huge following of these people, it is important the Police ensure that they comply with these basic Public Order laws and also hold them absolutely responsible for the actions of their supporters and just may be we can have some order in this Country.

We want to use this opportunity to condemn what happened yesterday at the VGMAs, it was embarrassing and an affront to the international reputation of this Country and we expect the Ghana Police Service as well as the other law enforcement agencies to do a better job next time.

Source: tnpnewsonline.com /Mensah Thompson

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