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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Press Release



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The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability-ASEPA, yesterday took notice of a video documentary shown on joy news channel dubbed MILITIA IN THE HEART OF THE CITY
In that documentary report a para militia group called the De Eye is seen training and operating from the Osu Castle( The Presidency Annex).

In that documentary it also became quite clear that this militia group however uncertified provides various forms of security services across the Country contrary to the provisions in our laws.

First of all we want to Condemn this illegal atrocious act outrightly without any equivocation.

Secondly we demand answers from the President why a State facility is being used to train a para militia group.

We want these answers directly from the President because he is the Commander in Chief of the Security Forces.
The Osu Castle is a Security Zone and also the Annex of the Seat of Government.

There is absolutely No way the President cannot be aware of such a venture right at his doorstep.

Again, we call for the immediate arrest of the leaders of this Militia groups and their members.

We want the CID to investigate this group for their possible involvement in the following crimes (as it was admitted by their leader in the video evidence provided by Joy news that there was not a single week that none of their members wasn’t involved in a crime in and around the city.)

1.The assassination of Tiger Eye P.I Journalist Ahmed Suale.

2.The murder of the woman from GPHA

3. All the contract killings nationwide.

4. The recent kidnappings in Takoradi and other parts of the Country.

5. The Ayawaso West attacks.

6.Any syndicated crime that happened in and around the City in the last two years.

Again we call on Parliament to invite the National Security Minister to answer questions on this dangerous occurence.

We also call for a National Dialogue on our National Security, it’s Challenges and Prospects ahead of the 2020 elections.
This National Dialogue should be led by Civil Societies and Government must make a solemn pledge to adopt the recommendations of this Dialogue.

We want to end this press Statement by making it clear that at point, Government has lost all credibility in handling matters of Political Voilence and Vigilantism and we support the call by the Opposition NDC to have a mediator in the dialogue to disband all Political Party Vigilante Groups.

We donot also trust the Peace Council to also provide this mediation because they have dabbled themselves in recent political controversies by taking some prejudicial positions on key happenings in this matter under review.
So we believe that representatives of Independent Civil Society Groups with a delegation from the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Center should be able to provide a relatively non bias and credible mediation for this all important national process.

We most importantly extend our utmost gratitude and appreciations to JoyNews Investigative desk and its head Manasseh Azure for living through to their word and not succumbing to the pressures from Government not to air the documentary. It was a bold and daring investigations and once again this is a victory for Journalism and we say Congratulations to them.

Mensah Thompson Executive Director, ASEPA

The Director, CID
The President
The Speaker of Parliament
The Majority Leader
The Minority Leader
The U.S Embassy, Ghana
The British High Commission, Ghana
The Chairman of the Diplomatic Corps, Ghana
Amnesty International
The World Bank Country Rep, Ghana
The Chairman of ECOWAS
The African Union Commission
Civil Society Platform on SDG’s
Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Center.
The Christian Council
The Charismatic Bishops Conference
The National Chief Imam
The National House of Chiefs
All MediaHouses.

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