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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Allow police to arrest you than pay bribe – Pastor to Christians


The head pastor of the Revival Life Outreach Church – Spirit Life Centre – Rev Paul Owusu Yeboah has laid a daunting charge on Christians to bear the torch for a corruption free society.

According to the clergyman, there is no excuse for any Christian worth his or her sort, to pay a cedi to any public officer to seek a favour or evade a punitive action.

Speaking to host Julius Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate Breakfast Show, Rev. Yeboah noted that scriptures that preach against the critical national canker of bribery abound in the Bible.

He was forthright with his insistence that patriarchs and martyrs went through harrowing situations to defend their faith; modern Christians being no exception.

“Christians have gone through harder situations in history than things like this. People have been beheaded for their faith; people have been crucified for their faith. If the church has been persecuted for their faith, then the church must stand up for truth and righteousness in our country. Our morality and standards for life must be higher than the average Ghanaian,” he chided.

Giving a personal experience about how he has conscientized his own flock, the reverend minister recounted, ”I always say to my church members it is wrong for a believer to pay bribe to a police man no matter the situation you get yourself into. I have made it a consciousness that I will rather make the policeman arrest me than to give him 1 cedi.”

Rev Owusu did not spare the church leadership of involvement of its fold in some glaring acts of corruption.

He, however, called for the leaders of the faith to build their capacities on issues of governance and corruption to be able to champion the course to clean up society as done by Civil Society Organisations in the country.

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