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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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For those of you who stayed up all night on the 6th and the early morning of the 7th to witness the dissolution of the 7th Parliament and the swearing in of the 8th Parliament, I’m damn sure you did NOT lose your money in this cinema…that was a classic blockbuster.

For those who couldn’t toil the night, you missed a lifetime thriller!
The night started quite early when the opposition NDC MPs came in early and took to the right side of the Speaker where the majority side sits…
I saw a couple of media houses reporting it as a breaking news and I was like ..wooo!!
What’s breaking about this news?
When a Parliament has 137 people from each side without any clear majority or minority, anybody can sit anywhere.
Did the media expect the NDC MPs to sit on the left side, when they came in first…?
For me that wasn’t the highlight of the night!
The subsequent scuffle that ensued afterwards, resulting in that shameful assault on Collins Dauda by Ursula, the military invasion, the brilliant legal submissions by Mahama Ayariga and Dr.Ayine all couldn’t pass as my major highlight for the night.
Not even the shameful snatching of ballot papers by *”Callous Ahen-Koraa”* satisfied my ambitious drama thirst!
My major highlight for the night was the seemingly calm demeanor of the loud mouthed Assin MP Ken Agyapong!!
Hehehe…that was indeed a tamed barking dog right there in the midst of the ensuing chaos and like me a lot of people were so surprised.
Whoever gave Ken Agyapong that tip off, is his guardian Angel, because from all indications he was the target for the night!
A few days prior he had sat on his TV and called his supporters to burn the houses of NDC supporters, he had called for the burning of the house of Former President  John Mahama and that of Gbevlo Lartey(former National Security Cordinator)
He went to the extent of threatening to burn the former President alive…!!
For someone as bold as that we all expected him to go all out that night and defend his Party like he always do… from what I hear I doubt if he would have come out of the chamber alive…
 When he entered the chamber and saw the temperature he instantly mellowed…dude is just a coward!
Folks the Ken Agyapong you always see on Net 2 is a fake one, the real Ken Agyapong is what you saw on TV that night a damn coward!
Even first time MP sticker, attempted to defend his Party, he chopped some hot slaps though but still he tried..hehehe
Ursula too chop hers when her seat was dragged from beneath her and her buttocks banged on the floor and that was it,she also went quiet the whole night…nobody would have noticed her again if not for that gross sexual assault on Akandoh.
Folks all the so called “tigers” and warriors of the NPP in Parliament went mute that night after a small display by the NDC MPs.
And you saw the beatings that was given to Carlos Ahenkorah, those were originally meant for Ken Agyapong’s…hehehe
It was reserved for him, but he had a tip off and he comported himself, but just like all die be die, every beatings be beatings and so someone had to take it in his stead.
For all the NDC folks who were assaulted by the NPP hoodlums during the elections, go for the tape, take your time, watch it and you will feel better.
Your MPs have classically avenged your assault.
From now on, I’m quite sure that’s how it’s gona be…you attack an NDC person their MP meets your MP in Parliament and settle the score…simple!
Not to endorse the violence and the display of immaturity by the MPs but the tape of that night would be as good for a good laugh on any bad day…keep it well!!
Just on the lighter side…
Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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