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Thursday, October 21, 2021
Press Release

62nd Independence Day Celebration: No Chairs for You.. As NDC Gomoa East Executives ignored


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As we celebrate the 62nd Independence Anniversary of our dear country Ghana, the Gomoa East Constituency Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were invited by the Gomoa East District Assembly to join millions of Ghanaians to celebrate the occasion. Our acceptance of the invitation to participate in the event was informed by the fact that the occasion was a national program and because our forebearers sacrificed a great deal to ensure we gained independence. We again saw this occasion as an opportunity to come together in a non-partisan manner to reflect and to take stock of the socio- economic well being of our country men and women.

We arrived at the parade grounds at exactly 9:30am and quickly signaled the program co-ordinator of our presence. Announcement was made and we proceeded to exchange pleasantries and duly observed all protocols. To our uttermost dismay, the Gomoa East NPP Constituency Secretary demonstrated his usual intolerance and petty partisan character by claiming there are no seats for us and went ahead to question the source of our invitation to such an august national program. Even though he was advised to desist from such confrontations he never gave anyone a listening ear and insisted we leave the program. As peaceful and matured as we the NDC have always been, our Chairman cautious of the potential tension this uncouth behaviour from the NPP Constituency Secretary could generate then asked our delegation to withdraw our presence from the scene which our team obliged.

We the executive members of the NDC in the Gomoa East Constituency see this attitude exhibited by the NPP secretary as unfortunate, divisive and a clear assassination of our fragile democracy.

For the records and the sake of posterity, we are by this statement, giving the NPP in Gomoa East three days to see the need to amend and apologize for this uncouth and fortunate development orchestrated on us by their Secretary else we will have no option than to see this as a planned scheme by the entire NPP in Gomoa East to be executed by their Secretary.

Signed by:
Communications Officer,
Mr Frederick Jones

Constituency Chairman,
Mr Anthony Effisah,

Source: tnpnewsonline.com

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